The Silent Killer – High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, AKA, high blood pressure is a major medical condition affecting approximately 600 million people worldwide. The medical definition is: increased peripheral resistance to the arteries. If untreated, it will eventually causes health problems, such as heart disease. Because pressure and cardiovascular disease are connected, there is a high association with the risk of developing heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease and death.

How is our pressure measured?

Our pressure is determined by the amount of blood the heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in the arteries. If the heart pumps more blood and cardiac arteries are narrow from cholesterol plaques, etc., the higher blood pressure is.

Top Number Readings

Systolic is the top reading and it measures the amount of pressure that blood exerts on the arteries when the heart is beating.

Diastolic is the bottom reading and it determines the amount of pressure in the arteries between heartbeats. An elevation in this number is of great concern because this is when the heart is supposed to be at rest. So if it’s elevated, this means that the heart is not resting during the time period it should be.

Stages of blood pressure readings

Normal: Less than 120/80

Pre-Condition: 120-139/80-89

Disease: 140-159/90-99

Advanced Disease: 160 and above/100 and above

Causes of hypertension

There is no known exact cause of this medical condition that is affecting approximately 90% of individuals. This is known as primary or essential hypertension. With the specific cause of this disease unknown, there are risk factors that contribute to the development of this medical condition.

What We Can’t Change


As we age, the older we get, the greater tendency we have in developing changes in our pressure. This is due to arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries.

Alcohol Intake

The intake of more than one to two drinks per day tends to affect people who are sensitive to alcohol.

Birth control pills

Oral contraceptives have a tendency to produce physical changes in women.


African Americans develop high blood pressure more often than Caucasians. They even develop this condition at a younger age and because of this they have a tendency to develop more severe complications sooner in their life.


Males have a greater tendency of developing this illness and this likelihood varies according to age and among various ethnic groups.

Socioeconomic status

It has been determined that people who are less educated and ones of a lower socioeconomic class are more prone in developing this condition.. People who reside in the southeastern United States, both Caucasian and African American, develop this illness more than residents of other regions.

What We Can Change


Obese people have a greater tendency in developing medical problems than people who are within a normal body weight. Also, the manner in which a person’s body accumulates body fat plays a significant role. For example, people who gain weight around their abdomen tend to have a greater tendency in developing high blood pressure and other health conditions.

Sodium intake

There are some people who have a high sensitivity to sodium intake and as a result their blood pressure increases significantly when they use it salt. It has been determined that Americans take in up to 10-15 times more salt than they need. This is because Americans eat a lot of fast foods and processed foods that contain high levels of salt. Also, there are many over-the-counter medicines also contain large amounts of salt. So it is imperative to read food and medicine labels to know the salt contents.

Inadequate exercise

A sedentary lifestyle greatly contributes to the development of obesity and health problems.


Certain drugs, such as amphetamines (stimulants), diet pills, cigarettes (all tobacco products) and some medications used for cold and allergy symptoms such as pseudoephedrine, tend to raise blood pressure.


Stress can raise blood pressure

Symptoms of hypertension

High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause any symptoms in the early stages. But some symptoms associated with high blood pressure may include dizziness, headache and/or nosebleeds.

How hypertension silently kills

Hypertension is known as the silent killer. This is because a person can have high blood pressure for years without any warning signs whatsoever, and if left uncontrolled it could result in serious health problems that include damage to major arteries in the eyes (resulting in blindness), in the heart (resulting in heart failure or heart attack), in the kidneys (resulting in kidney failure), and in the brain (resulting in stroke). Unfortunately overtime, if left untreated, high blood pressure can even result in death from its damaging effects.

Hypertension typically develops over many years, and some medical researchers believe that it will affect nearly everyone eventually. Fortunately, high blood pressure can be easily detected by a simple check- up that includes blood pressure readings. Unfortunately there are many people who are aware that they have high blood pressure and don’t do anything about it because they are either in denial and/or they may not feel ill. This is not very wise and could cost someone their life!

Natural treatment remedies for hypertension

Take control of what you can control

Obesity, stress level, inadequate exercise, intake of foods high in sodium, usage of medications, tobacco products, and alcohol intake are things we have control over.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Research studies have been conducted with results that suggest CoQ10 significantly reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressures.


Garlic has been proven to lower blood pressure but because it interacts with several other drugs it must be supervised by a healthcare professional


This herb is frequently used by herbal practitioners to successfully treat high blood pressure.

Fish oil

Some fish oil supplements contain DHA (Docohexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), and there is evidence that DHA is the ingredient that is capable of lowering high blood pressure.

Folic acid

Folate is a B vitamin necessary for formation of red blood cells. Therefore it is capable of lowering blood pressure in some people by possibly by reducing elevated homocysteine levels.

Medical research continues to put forth great efforts in the medical condition that is silently killing people all over the world, hypertension. And millions of dollars are spent yearly in health care costs surrounding the detrimental effects of this disease. These costs are unnecessary and can be avoided! Listed above are only a few natural remedies for treating this disease. Your health is your responsibility and you have the right to choose naturopathic practices. However, all natural remedies need to be supervised by a healthcare practitioner. So if you have been diagnosed with this health condition, why not work together with a healthcare provider to control it naturally?! In the long run it just may save you your life!

Blood Pressure Remedies

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